This was an international initiative that aimed to contribute to the conservation of wolves (Canis lupus) and brown bears (Ursus arctos).

We were seven partners, coordinated by the National Park Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga, and we worked in four countries: Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

The project has started in January 2009 and has ended in March 2013.

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Credits: Annette Mertens
Credits: Annette Mertens
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News & Events

Final project conference.

On 10-12 October the final conference of the LIFE EX-TRA Project took place in the Gran Sasso National Park in Italy.

The whole conference was concentrated on the exchange of best practices in participatory management, whereas on the second day the Open Space Technology was applied in an demonstrative way. The conference was attended by over 100 persons from 16 countries, and it has made possible an intense exchange of experiences from many areas of the world.

Presentations and Pictures are available.

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Another young bear was marked with a GPS-GSM collar in the Rhodope Mountains in May 2012.

It is a 2 year old individul spending its first days without his mother's supervision. The bear was trapped by our experts Kostadin Valchev and Nikola Doykin (new member in EX-TRA Project). He was given the name of the offical St. George holiday in Bulgaria (6 of May).

George is now roaming in the area where last May another young bear was trapped – the 3 year old female Petya. The first few days of monitoring show that there is only a partial overlap of the territory of these two young bears. We hope that George will avoid to approach the villages in the area althought he was trapped quite close to one.


"Rusi" Bear rescue

A 3 years old mail bear weighing approximately 83 kg was trapped in Central Balkan National Park on 3th November 2009.

Training for Bear Emergency Team and for veterinaries in Bulgaria

The training activities of the project are progressing.