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In Italy the main topics of the project have been: monitoring of wolves and bears and of ungulate populations, actions to increase prey availability, stakeholder monitoring and involvement, training about techniques to analyse the damage caused by predators, and the creation of a Bear Emergency Team. All these topics together were expected contribute to create the biological and socio-economic conditions for the conservation of large carnivores. More specifically, the actions carried out in Italy were:

  • Assessment of stakeholders and their expectations concerning the management of wolves and bears
  • Monitoring of damage caused by predators on livestock
  • Monitoring wolf, bear and ungulate densities and distribution
  • Training of technical personnel about damage prevention and damage assessment techniques
  • Actions to involve stakeholders in management processes
  • Promotion of the correct use of livestock guarding dogs and electric fences
  • Restocking the Red deer populations
  • Actions to prevent killing of ungulates in road collisions
  • Formation of a Bear Emergency Team
  • Information of the general public and the interest groups about wolves, bears and ways to coexist
  • Networking and experience exchange with other project areas
Credits: Paolo Forconi


Credits: Umberto Di Nicola


Credits: Annette Mertens