Home Newsletter 2010 IL PARCO IN ASCOLTO

By Davide Tamagnini

Three meetings with stakeholders have been carried out in Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park. To promote such a participatory meetings means to take charge of the whole progess, starting from the involvement of the different actors to take them “into the room”, as specialists say.

Here we try to recreate the conditions that can show the complexity of different points of view and, thus, of the reality for different parties (may these be “stakeholders” or simple citizens).
This essentially means that we have to listen to the results, comunicate them further and, also, feel responsible for them. The persons have demonstrated to accept and appreciate the dialogue, but they have also proposed concrete and precised solutions to be implemented. This is a clear result, building up institutional, formal and informal relationships. Simultaneously, agreements have been found about urgent actions to reply to the needs of the territory, generating a positive feedback circle.
The experience of these three days can be interpreted at different levels: it is an opportunity to identify and understand the real problems of the territory, starting from issues bonded to large carnivore management. It is also a control for the Park administration about its policies and the strategies adopted to respond to the local needs. Last but not least, it represents the chance for a change of the relationship between the Park and its territory, which has for long time been fragile and with little trust. This will benefit the relationship with local administrations, farmers associations, hunters, foresters and also simple citizens.
The frame within which these “negotiation” days have taken place is the image of the participants: the concrete possibility of a desired and needed change.