Newsletter 2009

The LIFE EX-TRA project has started in January 2009 and is now ending its second year. This means that we are half way through its implementation. What have we done so far?

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by Annette Mertens

The conservation of wolves and bears has greatly progressed in the past 30 years, a fact that is also demonstrated by a general increase of the populations of these species around Europe.

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by Pina Leone

The European Commission has encouraged the beneficiaries of LIFE+ projects to develop actions for the active and effective involvement of stakeholders in the management of the environmental recourses targeted by the projects.

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by Umberto di Nicola

The LIFE EX-TRA project foresees the development of a series of training courses for the assessment of the damage caused by large carnivores on livestock.

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by Paolo Salvi

In spring 2009 three dead wolves were found in an area of only 100 m2 in the territory of the Monti Sibillini National Park. They had been poisoned and they did not show any external signs of traumas or injuries.

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